Voltron Legendary Defender Ep2 Some Assembly Required

s1 ep2 1

Coran has got to be one of the funniest characters in this show. It’s like, every second thing he says makes me laugh, and oh my gosh, the MOUSTACHE!!! I can instantly see why you humans call this guy the ‘space uncle’, he puts on such an amazing performance.

s1 ep2 6

Honestly, I don’t understand why Allura is so surprised by the Paladins’ laziness. I mean, what do you expect? If you grab a bunch of random teenagers, and tell them to defend the universe, do you really think they’ll just happily go and do it? If you couldn’t figure it out, the answer is no. The most likely outcome is that they will eat all your food, complain about the lack of internet and go to sleep.

s1 ep2 7

I know I shouldn’t be amused by another’s misfortune, although to be fair, who isn’t? Anyway this scene always cracks me up. Lance is like, the biggest drama queen, and his facial expressions are completely amazing. I love how he keeps going completely crazy, and somehow throughout this whole scene, Kieth is able to keep a straight face. The guy doesn’t even crack a smile, he just sits there with this bored look.

s1 ep2 8

Oh geez, these boys are so immature. I guess Kieth couldn’t resist giving in to the rivalry eventually, although he managed to stay out of it for a pretty reasonable episode and a half. Honestly, I feel sorry for the lions; I’m sure it wasn’t their idea to be stuck headfirst in a sand dune, yet there they are.

s1 ep2 9

I’ve never been in a food fight before, but that’s mainly because I lack the arms necessary for participating in such activities. It does look like fun though, if you don’t mind having green goop in your fur. Actually, I wonder what’s in that goo, and whether it’s vegetarian or not. Okay Dreamworks, if you would be so kind, what exactly is it that our heroes have been eating, and why doesn’t it bother any of them that it’s probably ten thousand years past its use by date?

s1 ep2 13

There it is, another amazing Coran quote: ‘A man can be driven to do anything if a beautiful woman is just really, really mean to him.’ My insides are hurting right now, I absolutely love this show’s sense of humour. There’s also some really good sound effects in there, which just make it even better.

s1 ep2 14

Wow, you don’t see a lot of boys hugging each other these days, although, I guess this is set in the future. Well, come to think of it, on my planet nobody really hugs, cos, y’know, like I said before, no arms. I guess we can sort of bump into each other, but still, even a heartfelt headbutt isn’t quite the same.

s1 ep2 15

Hmm, those bad guys look happy. That can’t be good. Now, I’m not saying that the fact that they’re happy is bad, in fact, their happiness would probably be the desired outcome, as they’d have no reason to attack anyone. I wouldn’t mind seeing the villains skipping through flowery meadows, hand in hand, but I doubt that’s a likely scenario. So umm, yeah.

s1 ep2 11

Welp, that was fun to watch. I love how much this cartoon is making me laugh, and with all the cool technology and spaceships and stuff, it actually reminds me of home quite a bit. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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