Teen Titans Ep8 Deep Six


Raven’s comebacks will never cease to make me laugh. Beast Boy assumes that she will be jealous of his ability to turn into a whale, to which she replies “He just gained three hundred thousand pounds. I am so jealous.”


Ahh, it seems that our half-daemon friend is also an optimist. I’m sorry Raven, your line was very funny, but Robin asked you to tell him something that he did not already know. I think everybody’s figured out that they’re all going to drown.


Umm, what is going on here? Starfire what the hec?! You’re supposed to have a crush on Robin, stop drooling at this blue mermaid guy. And Raven, I expected better of you. Only shallow people go for guys based on their looks and you’re supposed to be the deep, dark, mysterious character in this show.


Haha! This little fish thing cracked me up. The way he talks is hilarious, kind of like a German who’s high on sugar. Everything about this little guy makes me start laughing, the way he fixes things and the way Cyborg reacts to him.


This kids, is the result of something called testosterone. These two are at each other’s throats for a good amount of the episode. It’s funny but it doesn’t set a very good example. I was hoping that superheroes were able to talk with words instead of fists, but it seems that boys just really enjoy fighting.


It’s very interesting seeing Beast Boy as a squid. Somehow, he manages to be very expressive and and you can still see his personality even though he takes the shape of a creature that usually resembles a football with tentacles. No offence to squids, I’m just more of an octopus kind of person.


This was actually a pretty clever plan. It seems that the fight going on between the boys turned out to be a thing. Even though I would still describe their battle as pointless, silly and immature. I think these guys forget that they’re superheroes and their job is to save the world, not squabble.


I still don’t get this. Raven isn’t even meant to be feeling emotions, so shouldn’t things be blowing up or something? I guess the writers just did this for comedic effect. It’s pretty funny but I’m still confused.


This episode is pretty funny but I don’t understand this ridiculous rivalry between human males. This kind of thing never happens on my planet, there’s nothing really to fight over. There’s always plenty of tasty cartoons, and we hardly bother racing because we don’t have legs. See you later you strange little things.

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