Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special


Hey there humans. Before I start my jabbering, just a reminder that this toon bite contains major spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Also, if you’re one of those people, it’s probably a good idea to not set your expectations too high. You should be warned that the Christmas special doesn’t contain many of the features that the Zag team promised us. This episode does not go for forty minutes, it’s just the same length as a normal episode. I’m also sorry to tell you that we don’t find out what happened to Adrien’s mum or why Hawkmoth has a picture of her.


This is the first time we hear the characters singing and the interactions between Marinette and Chloe are rather funny to watch. First of all, I loved seeing the Mayor burst his daughter’s bubble and make her wish Marinette merry Christmas. Also, when one of them is yelling, the other’s hair flies back slightly as if it’s being blown by wind.


Aww, I felt so sorry for Cat Noir. The poor thing has to spend Christmas without his mother and he feels all alone. I spent his whole song wishing I could climb through the screen and give him a hug.


This scene just made me laugh rather than feel sad. Plagg singing is cute enough on its own, but Plagg singing about cheese just dials the adorableness meter all the way up to critical. We also see another side of the kwami, where he’s sweet and sympathetic rather than lazy and sarcastic.


O.M.G. The gorilla is afraid of spiders. I repeat, THE GORILLA IS SCARED OF SPIDERS!!! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, heaps of people run away from the fuzzy, eight legged little critters. I just thought it was pretty hilarious how Adrien’s bodyguard is always so tough and intimidating, but as soon as he sees spiders on the floor, he bolts.


Wait, is Santa dabbing? It definitely looks like it. This is actually a very interesting villain, he sings the same song every time he attacks someone. It may work in this episode because it’s a kind of musical, but if you’re singing, doesn’t that give people time to run away? I’m not judging you or anything, but you should sing after you’ve freaked the civilians out.


Wow, Ladybug and Cat Noir hold hands a lot in this episode. I know that the reason is because Cat Noir is TERRIBLE at staying on a sleigh, but it’s still cute. I also like how the boy is making jokes, despite hanging off a fast moving, flying object.


Screw holding hands, this is even better. I constantly see pictures like this all over Tumblr. I love how Ladybug says it’s not what it looks like. Well, it looks like you crashed through the window and landed on the floor. No shame in that, it could happen to anyone.


I’m so grateful to everyone at Zag Studios for giving us this awesome Christmas present. It’s good that we have something to keep us alive until the second season comes out. It might not have had the juicy tidbits that many fans were hoping for, but it was still packed with all the action, charm and humour of any other episode. This toon tasted great and I highly recommend it to all Miraculers. You might not understand the language because it hasn’t been dubbed yet. Watch it anyway! I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons. Toonbiter out!

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  1. lillybug says:

    Honestly, I love it!

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