Voltron Legendary Defender Ep1 The Rise of Voltron

s1 ep1 3

Hey there, humans! Just gonna warn you all before I start ranting, this is a toon chomp, not a toon bite. Usually, I don’t make my posts this long, but the first episode of this show goes for like, an hour, sooo yeah.

s1 ep1 4

Okay, Allura and Coran are AWESOME. I laughed so hard when that sassy space princess told Lance that his ears were hideous. So far, I’m finding the way they just suddenly decided that they’re all a team, a but unrealistic. I mean, think about it, you’re in school, then you meet a couple of other random people and find some giant robot lion. These guys just go with it, but I’d probably be a bit more like ‘No thanks, stranger danger.’

s1 ep1 5

Yup, those are the bad guys. This is a perfect example of a really funny thing the majority of cartoon villains do. They all have a thing for dark colours and moody lighting. Dude, they seem evil from our perspective, but from their point of view, the heroes are the bad guys. I really want to see a villain who’s super happy and optimistic and loves orange juice and unicorns and is afraid of the dark. Now THAT would be interesting…

s1 ep1 6

The first time I saw this sloth thing, I could’ve sworn I heard the sound it makes somewhere before. Turns out its the same as the growl the Monster Book of Monsters makes in the third Harry Potter film. At least, I think it is. It sounds the same.

s1 ep1 8

There are some really nice slow motion shots in this show. They just add that little bit of something that makes things that are already pretty out there, seem even cooler. I dunno, the ones that are really well timed always give me shivers. Like when there’s this big build up, and then boom! Gaze upon the awesomeness…

s1 ep1 9

Hahaha! Hunk is hilarious; when it comes to jokes, he’s got some real gems. I loved this bit where Lance is about to get his butt whooped three Galra fighters, and then the yellow lion bursts out of the ground and just belly flops them. And then it turns out he was actually trying to get out of the way.

s1 ep1 10

Oh my gosh, Lance has THE BEST come-backs. All of these characters are making my ribs hurt. I’m not quite sure what the alien word he said means, but I’m pretty sure it’s a swear word. Allura and Coran’s faces are absolutely priceless.

s1 ep1 11

Of course. The princess can control a bunch of mice with her mind, and so the first thing her loyal, royal adviser tries to do, is get them to make him a sandwich. Seriously, how do these aliens even know about sandwiches? First of all, they’re a human invention, and secondly, these guys eat green goo. I have not seen a single piece of bread in this show. Sorry, I’m spoiling it, aren’t I.

s1 ep1 12

Umm, so why exactly did the red lion think that was necessary? I know that Allura told Keith his lion was really temperamental, and it’s trust needed to be earned, but I don’t see it gained any faith in him by ignoring the guy who’s trying to bust it out of the alien ship. Besides, why would it trust someone who just got himself thrown into space. Not that I’m judging you, Red.

s1 ep1 14

Yaaasss! I’m probably going to say this more than once, I LOVE the transformation sequence. It just looks so cool! It’s awesome how they all seem to be doing some sort of crazy space dance, and the music is so good. All of the music in this show is pretty great in fact.

s1 ep1 15

What’s the best part of  any action packed science fiction show? Well, the image above this paragraph probably gave away where I’m going with this. If any of the team who worked on the show are reading this, I’m sending you all a digital high five, because the explosions are so amazing. Nothing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like an alien space ship being blown to bits.

s1 ep1 2

Like I said before, this episode is LONG. If you’re one of those people who hasn’t watched because you’re put off by its length, I suggest you give it a chance. All the introductory stuff needs to be out of the way in order for the story to progress, and it would be too hard to pack it all into twenty minutes. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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