Voltron Legendary Defender Ep3 Return of the Gladiator

s1 ep3 1

Oh my gosh, Coran cracks me up. It’s like, everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth makes me laugh, especially with the accent. I love the look on Shiro’s face though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do this to an adult before. You know, I’ve never agreed with the reasoning that if something smells and/or tastes bad, then it’s healthy. I mean, I don’t think concrete tastes very nice (no, I have not tried it), and I know for a fact that that’s not good for you. You know what Coran, this cartoon tastes amazing, and I’m like, maybe seventy three percent sure that it’s good for me. So, yeah.

s1 ep3 2

Oh geez. No offence to Kieth and Lance, but they have THE WORST table manners I have even seen, and this is coming from someone with no arms. Welp, I guess at least Hunk’s happy that his cooking is appreciated, so I’ll let them off this time.

s1 ep3 3

Aww, isn’t it just typical for small fierce things to be automatically adorably? It’s like if something’s small, it’s not necessarily cute, nor if something’s vicious. But if it’s both, everybody melts, even if the thing isn’t even that cute. Like, a piranha. I think somebody called me cute once, it was extremely awkward. It was at a shopping center or something. Like, just because an alien is squishy and fluffy, doesn’t mean they don’t have dignity. Even if they have a cuddly toy hipothonlian. And they’re scared of the dark. Just as an example.

s1 ep3 4

Oh my gosh, this is terrible. I cracked up when the chief said they were all going to throw themselves in the sacrificial fire. I know I probably shouldn’t find that so funny, but the arusions are just so cute, everything they say seems hilarious.

s1 ep3 5

Haha! I think I can relate to Kieth here, I don’t really hug strangers either. Well, I guess there are a few exceptions. Like, those mascots at theme parks. I  know I should probably be more careful, because, who knows where those suits have been. Also cats, love hugging cats. And dogs I guess, although dogs seem to think I’m a ball, and they start rolling me around. With cats, it’s a little different. They seem to think I’m a pillow, and they start doing that kneading thing, which I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t or the claws. Anyways, I think I’m getting off topic.

s1 ep3 6

Ohh! That’s so cool, the lions saved them. I love how the Voltron lions aren’t just like, machines, but they sort of act like they’re alive as well. Who wouldn’t want one of those? It’d be like, who needs a guard dog, I’ve got a massive robot lion. You’d need a ‘beware the lion’ sign on the gate. Ooh, I should make one of those!

s1 ep3 10

Yaaasss!!! Voltron’s got an awesome sword now. You know, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like being inside those lions when they’re together as Voltron. I mean, I imagine it’s fine being the head, but like, if you’re in an arm, you’ll always be hanging upside down, and if you punch something, you’re basically throwing yourself at it. I hope those lions have seat-belts.

s1 ep3 11

This is just too sweet. The Voltron fandom is like, spot on, Shiro is totally the space dad. I feel kinda bad for him though, the way he’s been through so much and keeps having all these freaky flashbacks. This scene is so nice. I promise, I am not on the floor bawling my eyes out. I swear…

s1 ep3 7

Another great episode, it tasted as good as Hunk’s cooking. Well, I haven’t actually tried Hunk’s cooking, so that’s just going off Kieth and Lance’s reaction. I’m sure it was better than Coran’s. No offence dude. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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