Teen Titans Ep7 Switched


Haha! This is just like me when I’m busy trying to binge on cartoons, and my bored little sister comes in and starts pestering me. The only difference is that I normally don’t catch on fire. Poor Raven, I feel your pain.


The Teen Titans might’ve thought these puppets are cute, (except Raven who doesn’t care) but I thought they were kind of creepy. Especially Cyborg’s one. Brrr…Those beady eyes shall haunt me forever.


Raven didn’t want to fight Beast Boy. Most of the time, she doesn’t hesitate to pick on or seriously injure the little green guy. I guess it just depends on what kind of mood she’s in.


I thought that this was a pretty interesting concept. The Puppet King sucks out their souls and stuffs them into little puppets. It’s a bit like in Five Nights at Freddy’s, where the souls of the dead children are possessing the animatronics.


I’m loving all the scenes with these two. Because they’ve swapped bodies, their facial expressions look really weird. Raven makes Starfire look like a grouch and Starfire makes Raven look like a crazy cosplayer.


This bit was pretty funny. In order to fly, Raven has to feel joy, so she imagined Starfire not talking. It was amusing, but it was also interesting how Raven doesn’t want to hurt Star’s feelings, and feels bad after she does.


This bit cracked me up! Robin looks so, completely ridiculous, I just couldn’t stop laughing. It’s actually kinda inconvenient because this image will often pop into my head in really serious situations, like when I’m doing a test. I stuck it on pictures of famous people just for the heck of it.


This is another issue I can relate to. Receiving an unwanted hug. Poor, poor Raven. It can be nearly impossible to escape from the clutches of an over affectionate extrovert. Why must this girl cop so much abuse?


This episode was really interesting. Raven and Starfire will have a much better friendship after this experience. They now understand each other a lot better. As good as this episode was, it’s probably not a good idea to show it to small children. The Puppet King was seriously creepy and I think his soul stealing habits would probably freak little kids out. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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