Trollhunters Ep23 Wingmen

trollhunters ep23 1

Seriously Strickler? Perhaps they didn’t teach you this in changeling preschool, although I would’ve thought it would just be common sense, if a crazy, psycho troll without a soul is chasing after you, don’t leave the window open! And then you act so surprised when he reaches right in and grabs you.

trollhunters ep23 3

Wow, this lot have got to be the coolest looking trolls we’ve ever seen. What’s even cooler is that Aaarrrgghh is one of them, look how glowy he is. So pretty. Oh yeah, and we’re also treated to a juicy little slice of backstory. Mmm, backstory.

trollhunters ep23 4

Oh yikes, this is slightly less juicy. The only way Aaarrrgghh can survive and not turn into stone is by going with the glow trolls, which means leaving all his friends behind. I think Vendel’s got the right idea, fighting to let him choose for himself. While the queen means well, she is being a little unreasonable.

trollhunters ep23 5

Oh come on, not this again. Why does Aaarrrgghh enjoy eating cat excrement so much? You know that’s poop, right? That stuff. Which you’re putting in your mouth. Do you understand this? You are eating cat feces, dung, discharge, droppings. Ah, forget it. You know, you’re going to have really bad breath.

trollhunters ep23 7

Ooh, cool! Jim’s got a shield now. It’s not very big. He’ll only be able to protect a chunk of his body at a time, seems like bit of a design flaw to me. Still, the, what I think is an old shape, looks pretty awesome, and it’s just so darn shiny. 

trollhunters ep23 8

These trolls seem to play the most violent version of basketball there is. Apparently, killing is completely normal, and you’re allowed to hit each other with sharp, heavy objects as much as you like. There isn’t even a referee, I bet these games can ge pretty nasty.

trollhunters ep23 11

Aww, Aaarrrgghh decided to go back with his glow in the dark friends. That’s a pity. You know, this is probably one of the saddest moments in the show, I think. To be honest, I can’t know for sure because I didn’t feel remotely sad while watching it. I guess that’s up to you guys.

trollhunters ep23 12

Ooh, that was unexpected. Strickler’s given up on being the scary bad guy and has resorted to getting down on his knees and begging a sixteen year old for protection. You know, that’s actually a little bit sad. Grow a backbone Strickler!

trollhunters ep23 6

There was definitely a lot of action in this episode. So much jumping and roaring and fighting and crying. And throwing gnomes. Oh, and uh Aaarrrgghh ended up deciding to stay, by the way. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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