Trollhunters Ep20 Where Is My Mind?


It’s pretty cool how Angor Rot can use pixies to make people hallucinate. It turns out that Strickler’s worst fear is for Bular to come back to haunt him. Sorry, I just made that sound like Bular was milk or beans or something. You know, if humans got ahold of a bunch of pixies, I can see a likely scenario where teenagers will be daring each other to stick one in their ear.


Yikes, is that really what it looks like under the drains in the school bathroom? Damn, I don’t think people appreciate the artistry in this sewer. I’d always just assumed it was just a plastic pipe buried in the ground. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. Oh yeah, and the bad troll guy released a whole heap of pixies into the school. But come on, that is some drain!


Well, well, well, looks like Steve’s got some major insecurities that we didn’t know about. I’m just going to put this out there for any parents, this is what happens when you tell your kids that they’re special. If Steve had always been told that he was just an average, boring child who’d be living in the basement when he finished school, he wouldn’t be having this nightmare right now.


Oh no, poor Aaarrrgghh! He really is turning into stone, it’s such a pity that it’s always the good characters that have to put up with stuff like this. At least Vendel’s medicine will be able to slow it down, although it still can’t stop it altogether.


I’ve often wondered what it would be like if a whole human school suddenly went insane and I have to say, it’s rather entertaining. While I was watching this, I kept rewinding it so I could see what each person was doing. The animators must’ve had fun making this.


Well, scary drama and maths teacher has a little fear of her own. It seems, she doesn’t like it when she’s got a random spotlight on her for absolutely no reason. It’s okay there, crazy human, I’m sure it would scare everyone.


Out of all the dreams we get to see in this episode, Toby’s is by far the funniest. It starts off with him asking that purple mole with no eyes to the Spring Fling, then it turns out to be his grandmother. I was laughing so hard it hurt.


You know, I actually kinda feel sorry for Angor Rot. In exchange for his powers, he ended up with his soul trapped in a cool looking ring. All he really wants is to get it back and have the obnoxious changeling stop bossing him around.


This is definitely the funniest of all the episodes, in my opinion. It’s hard not to laugh while watching people running in circles or trying o swim on the ground. Hopefully this never happens outside the cartoon world though, while it may be funny, it would probably just cause chaos. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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