Trollhunters Ep22 It’s About Time

trollhunters ep22 2.PNG

Finally, a bit of backstory! Well that’s kinda sad, Angor Rot went to some creepy lady who lives in a cave, asking for magic powers so he could protect his village. In return though, she took his soul and stuck it in a ring. I feel really bad for this guy now, I’m not sure which side to root for.

trollhunters ep22 3.PNG

Oh man, not this guy again. No offence to Gatto, but he’s a slight pain in the (I’m not going to say it, just in case there are small children reading this). I really liked Jim’s riddle though. To be honest, I was wasn’t sure whether volcano mouth would even know what cheese was, but apparently he does. Confused? Watch the episode.

trollhunters ep22 4.PNG

Ha! That is so cool! Imagine how amazing it would be to stop time for forty-three minutes and nine seconds just by pushing a button. I could pull some SERIOUS pranks with one of those! Sadly, they do not exist, so I’ll just have to watch Jim do it instead.

trollhunters ep22 5.PNG

Gosh, I really don’t like it when this happens. This is like, a major pet peeve. Everyone is trying to talk to you at the same time and you’re trying to listen, because you don’t want to be rude and ignore them. For some reason, they can’t see that you’re trying to listen to multiple conversations at the same time, and everyone ends up yelling at you while you collapse on the ground, shakin, your life flashing before your eyes and- sorry, bad memories.

trollhunters ep22 6

Yikes! Blinky’s body picked a really bad time to turn back into a troll. This is like, a classic transformation scene. I’m sure everyone can relate to this, you’re going into all this trouble to blend in and act normal, but then out of nowhere, teeth grow out of your chin, you sprout a tail and you develop an uncontrollable craving for cornflour.

trollhunters ep22 8

Oh come on Jim, how old are you? Sixteen huh? Well, yeah I guess that makes sense then. I guess I have to admit that’s kinda funny, but COME ON! You can do so much better than that! Use this power while it lasts! Stick Steve’s finger up his nose, or better yet, stick his finger up someone else’s nose. Come on, use your bloody imagination!

trollhunters ep22 9

Now, that’s more like it! Although, I’m afraid I have to question your choice of revenge slightly. Although I’ve been here a while, I’m still finding some elements of human culture a little confusing. Do you spit in another person’s mouth as a form of revenge, or when you really like them? So far, it seems this happens for both reasons, so that must lead to a lot of misunderstandings.

trollhunters ep22 10

Honestly, this is what happens when you give teenagers the ability to mess about with time. He should’ve just given Angor Rot his soul back. Then, he’d be free of an enemy and who knows, he might’ve even gained an ally, but nooo, he just had to go and meddle! Useless biped!

trollhunters ep22 1

Well, that was funny, interesting, and sort of educational. I won’t say I enjoyed learning more about human social interactions, because some of them are just plain gross. No offence or anything, but you guys are weird. Anyways, stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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