Trollhunters Ep24 Angor Management

ep24 1

Well, how’s that for gratitude? Jim stayed up, protecting Strickler from Angor Rot, and he just keeps on complaining. I love how he called Jim and his friends the ‘Puberty Patrol’ though.

ep24 2

Yay! Chomsky’s back! Pity he’s lost half his hair or whatever that pointy thing on top of his head was meant to be. Still, at least we’ve got majority of the little munch monster and we know that Claire’s little brother is alright.

ep24 3

Oh wow, that’s mature. Seriously, the lives of everyone are in danger, and these boys just can’t stop picking on each other. Jim keeps tormenting Strickler, who’s making the most of the fact that nobody will dare to hurt him, and keeps annoying Draal. Enough already!

ep24 4

Oh, that’s perfect! Angor’s creepy little eye, which somehow got up the stairs without anyone noticing, was watching them. This scene kinda reminds me of those shows where there’s a spider on the wall and everyone freaks out and runs away, screaming.

ep24 5

Holy sugar-cube! Is that pepper spray?  What kind of doctor brings pepper spray with them to work? Is that even legal? I have absolutely no idea why on earth she would need that, I mean, Arcadia has got to be one of the safest places in the world. Nice views, friendly neighbours and a civilisation of massive trolls living underground.

ep24 8

Umm, I’m not sure if this is entirely appropriate content for a children’s show. I know that nothing actually happens because Jim’s mother is a massive drama queen, but if she hadn’t stuffed up the original plan, we might have a lot of traumatised kids on our hands. We’ve got Jim and Strickler, standing placidly and looking rather pleased with themselves, as they watch this dude being turned slowly and painfully into stone. Nice.

ep24 9

Wow, this show really knows how to build up the suspense. On one side of this wall, we’ve got a bunch of very important characters in a car, driving unrealistically slowly whole being chased by a one-eyed crazy thing, and on the other, there’s Toby who can’t hold on to a stupid rock.

ep24 11

You know, I feel kind of sorry for the trolls that live here. For years, they’ve just been minding they’re own business, until suddenly, they’re stuck with a human Trollhunter who just keeps bringing more and more humans into their underground home.

ep24 6

This one was definitely pretty action packed. It always sucks when you work so hard planning for something and then something unexpected happens. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll get next time. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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