Trollhunters Ep21 Party Monster

trollhunters ep21 1

“Technically, I’m a few centuries older, so I should be the one babysittin’ you, sponge face!” Oh my gosh, these two crack me up. On one hand, I feel really sorry for Claire. Her baby brother’s been replaced by a small, green, slightly obnoxious changeling who seems to lack all forms of compassion. However, the troll in question is so cute and cuddly I can’t see why she wouldn’t want one as a sibling.

trollhunters ep21 2

Ooh, that is just sneaky! Notenrique threw a massive party on the night Claire invited her friends over. This episode is taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level. You  know what, I’ve changed my mind. I actually don’t think that having a changeling brother would be a very enjoyable experience at all. Exciting maybe, but not pleasant.

trollhunters ep21 3

Now, why haven’t humans invented this yet? A drink that tastes like mint and mould which allows you to literally eat knowledge. This stuff would be so good to have at school. Instead of spending hours studying, you can just eat you textbooks, freeing up more time to binge on cartoons.

trollhunters ep21 4

Well, that’s a little awkward. Notenrique was playing spin the bottle, or rather, gnome with a bunch of other trolls, and it pointed at Claire. I love how she’s all relieved when Aaarrrgghh arrives, and then instead of helping her, he joins in.

trollhunters ep21 6

This is exactly why I have no social life, it is way too much hassle. At first it’s all yay friends and popularity, but the moment you changeling brother throws a troll party and your buddies find out you didn’t invite them, they’ll be climbing up your house.

trollhunters ep21 7

Looks like the conscience of Claire’s little changeling has finally decided to show itself. These little moments when we see Notenrique’s sensitive side are so freaking cute. Let’s hope he’ll be able to keep it up this time.

trollhunters ep21 10

I had a really good laugh watching this part. One of Claire’s friends ended up chatting to some massive troll which she thought was an art student for some reason. Seriously, this dude is huge, how can he possibly be a human. By the way, does anyone else find Mary extremely annoying, or is it just me?

trollhunters ep21 12

Awww! Oh my gosh that’s so sweet. Why do these two have to be so darn adorable? They’re actually starting to see each other as siblings. You know, I really hope that when Claire gets her little brother back, Notenrique will still live there. It’ll be so sad if he leaves.

trollhunters ep21 5

Okay, I take back what I took back before. A troll as a sibling would be awesome, or at the very least interesting. Not that I in any way want to replace the siblings I already have. Anyways, stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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