Trollhunters Ep16 Roaming Fees May Apply


Oh my gosh, this teacher is awesome! While he’s hilarious to watch, I wouldn’t want to have a class with him. The speech he’s currently giving to this poor class about the digestive system makes me seriously doubt whether he’s received the correct education training. Most PE teachers don’t make a habit of telling their students that inside the gut, the juices break the food down into a bubbling, nasty soup.


Angor Rot can take out his eye. That’s going to be really annoying later on, isn’t it. This little skill is both creepy and cool at the same time. It can’t be good for Jim though, now that some zombie troll assassin can see everything he’s doing.


I gotta say, trolls got some weird transportation there. Instead of cars or trains, they have this bizarre looking circle thing that can zoom underground to any part of the world in a matter of seconds. A large problem with it however, is that it lacks any form of seat belts, meaning that anyone who uses it is in for an extremely bumpy ride.


Uh oh! Mean Mister Strickler’s even meaner assassin knows a few magic tricks which are not going to make poor Jim’s life any easier. Now, he can’t hurt his new principal because anything that happens to him also happens to Jim’s mother.


Yikes! This guy is huge! Turns out the mysterious King they’ve been trying to find is actually a mountain that eats people, trolls and everything else you can poke a stick at, regardless of whether they can solve his riddles or not.


Blinky and Toby got swallowed! While that’s horrible and all, at least they now have a chance to get their hands on the birthstone they were after. I don’t get why Blinky, in all his wisdom still keeps that Roman penny, even after snapping to Toby about the risks of touching anything.


Eww, they have to get out through the back door. Nasty! I found their amazing escape plan rather funny. Toby’s infinite supply of tacos apparently reacts extremely badly in a troll’s stomach.


That was unexpected! Blinky’s turning into a human! I did tell him that keeping that stupid Roman penny was a bad idea and did he listen? Nooooo! Well, technically I just yelled at the screen, and he’s a cartoon so he didn’t really hear me.


Well, a lot certainly happened in this episode. Strickler put a weird enchantment on Jim’s mother, the Trollhunters team met a living volcano who ate two of the characters and pooped them out again, and it looks like Blinky’s not going to be a troll for much longer. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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