Trollhunters Ep14 Return of the Trollhunter


You can tell that a lot of work went into this cartoon. If the storyline and animation quality didn’t already make it obvious, then the beginning of this episode was a dead giveaway. Have you noticed it yet? It was probably the first thing that caught your eye and it certainly cracked me up. George. I’m pretty sure he’s meant to be a cat. When the animators put in that extra little bit of effort, and make a scene that’s only on screen for a few seconds and it still makes you laugh, then it probably means the cartoon you’re watching is damn good.


Fire cats. That is so cool! Well, actually, I imagine they’d be rather warm. It’s a pity that they’re monsters, otherwise they might make pretty good pets. They could live in the fireplace and keep the house warm without creating any smoke.


Wow! Grendel likes Claire straight away. I thought that big grouch never liked anyone. I can’t say I’m surprised, Claire is definitely the smartest character in the show. She even learnt how to speak troll! Jim can’t do that, and he’s the Trollhunter.


I feel so sorry for poor Claire, it’s horrible that her baby brother’s been replaced by a cute, yet slightly obnoxious changeling. I think the experience might’ve done some damage, she’s talking to pile of rocks. Poor human.


Aww! I can’t get over how adorable this is. Blinky’s basically like Jim’s new dad. Despite the fact that he’s got six eyes and four arms, he’s pretty much the same as a human father. He built a motorbike with him and you can see how protective he is.


Ooh, cool! The special effects in this show are on point. I’m finding it kind of ironic how the spirits of the old Trollhunters don’t like the idea of a human doing the job, even though it was Kanjigar who called to Jim in the first place. Also, something else I noticed was that unlike Jim, he’s wearing a helmet. I wonder why that is.


Oh look! A juicy little bit of backstory. It looks like Kanjigar distanced himself from Draal when he was the Trollhunter, in order to protect him. I wonder if that’s why Draal was so violent and screwed up when we first met him.


Uh oh! Normally, I’d get excited when meeting a cool new character, but it looks like we’ve got a new villain on our hands. I guess it makes sense. The hero needs a bad guy to fight and since Bular was incapable of lasting twenty six episodes, we’re going to get Angor Rot, who’s gonna make Bular look like a big, ugly baby.


Well, Claire is now officially on the Trollhunters team and Jim has taken the next step in his lifelong career, and had a conversation with a bunch of entitled ghosts. The most exciting development however, is the new villain, who’s going to make you wish that Bular was still alive. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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