Trollhunters Ep3 Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?


I just can’t get over how cool Heartstone Trollmarket is. There are glowing crystals everywhere and huge trolls stomping all over the place. I love how in the background of Toby’s selfies, you can see them giving Jim dirty looks.


Gnomes are very interesting creatures. They kind of reminds me of mice in the way that they can look absolutely adorable, but are still considered to be vermin. They’re also very funny but I won’t say anything else otherwise I might spoil a few episodes for you.


Vendel is the show’s wise, grouchy character. It’s pretty damn obvious that he doesn’t like Jim and wouldn’t care in the slightest if he was torn limb from limb like one of his predecessors. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen because it would result in a very short season.


I bet this is every teen’s worst nightmare. It must be quite a shock to come home and find one of your teachers in the kitchen, and even more so when they start hitting on your mum. I like chatting to teachers inside a school, but not when they’re flirting with my parents.


This scene bares a remarkable resemblance to one in the movie Ratatouille. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a rat who wants to be a cook and there’s a scene where he’s fixing a disgusting soup by adding herbs and spices and stuff. That’s basically the same as what’s happening here.


Watching this show makes me extremely concerned and curious about a troll’s diet. Aaarrrgghh has just finished woofing the dandruff and hair balls of a cat. Not only is that incredibly gross, but I can’t imagine that it’s healthy. He then goes on to eat a rock.


This part cracked me up! Jim keeps trying to get rid of the amulet and it keeps appearing again everywhere. It turns up on his bed, in his bowl of popcorn, in the bathroom cupboard, and flies into the back of his head when he tries to hit it over the fence with a baseball bat.


I seriously hope that this isn’t actually what American schools are like. Here in Australia, school kids don’t hit each other and will get in serious trouble if they do. I will admit, I enjoy watching this obnoxious human getting biffed in the schnoz.



This episode covered Jim’s first day of training and and second day of pretending to like Shakespeare. We’ve also learned an important moral: If you don’t like someone, hit them. I’m joking, don’t do that. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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