Trollhunters Ep4 Gnome Your Enemy


The gnomes in this show are a bit like small children. They can be cute at first, but as you spend more time with them, they become the most unbearably annoying little monsters on the planet. And in this case, they have lethally sharp teeth, move like tiny lightning bolts, and are more slippery than a ferret.


Urgh! This guy is so. Freaking. ANNOYING!!! I know that he already got punched in the pan by Jim, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to slap him. Something that’s funny about him now though, is that he’s missing a tooth and so now he can’t talk properly and he keeps whistling by accident.


Sheesh! This teacher is harsh. He failed that poor girl’s Spanish assessment, just because she said someone had a gassy heart instead of a heavy heart. I’m sure lots of  people make that mistake all the time. It is with a gassy heart that I must criticise his teaching methods.


I kinda feel sorry for this gnome. Yes he’s a pest and he pinches things, but you can tell from the way he’s having dinner with a skeleton, that he’s pretty lonely. Maybe instead of fighting him, Jim should’ve just tried luring him out with food.


Wow! Who would’ve thought that when a gnome’s hat comes off, they become an ugly, midget, unicorn, Santa Clause. Seriously, what is that? At first I thought it was hair, but it looks to hard. Does he just have a really pointy brain, or is it something that he grows and sheds like fingernails?


This scene was very funny to watch. Poor Jim is trying to complete his assignment in front of his unforgiving Spanish teacher, while being ruthlessly attacked by a deranged gnome. I loved the look on the teacher’s face when that hairy piranha appeared in the background.


Aww, the gnome’s gone back to being cute, and now they’ve given him the adorable name Chomsky. It’s hilarious how he gets a crush on a plastic toy. I bet after watching this episode, there will be many humans wishing that they had a pet gnome living in a dollhouse.


Uh oh. The bad guys have started rebuilding the bridge to the dark lands. This cannot be good. The power relationship between Strickler and Bular is very interesting to watch. Bular has much more physical power than Strickler, but the teacher is much more sensible, and constantly annoying the troll with his logic.


This was a very cute and funny episode. We now know that the most obnoxious character in the show is making Jim’s life miserable, Toby now has a pet gnome and the antagonists have just become a much more serious threat. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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