Trollhunters Ep2 Becoming-Part 2


This show is the reason that little kids are afraid of going to the dentist. Seriously, WHAT is this man doing to this poor boy. If you haven’t been to a dentist before, don’t base your expectations on any of the scenes in this show.


This part cracked me up! Jim doesn’t want his mother to see two huge trolls in the bathroom with him while he’s wearing a glowing suit of armour, so he tells her he has food poisoning. And, of course, his comic relief friend tries to help by making poop noises with the toilet brush. My ribs hurt from laughing so hard.


I am very curious about the natural diet of a troll because at the  moment, I get the feeling that they will eat literally anything. In this scene, Toby feeds Aaarrrgghh a bunch of video cassette tapes, and earlier in the episode, his mouth was watering at the scent of a cat. If this guy’s a pacifist, he’d better not eat cats.


Hmm, this is an odd strategy. If you need to try out for a Shakespearean play, but you don’t know any of the lines, just make a cool speech while wearing a cool costume and everyone will love you. If you can’t make up a speech, just steal one from your troll mentor. That’s what Jim did and it worked for him.


I know that Bular is evil and trying to kill the main character and steal the amulet and he keeps going on about drinking Jim’s blood and ripping off his skin, but I still think he’s awesome. I mean, I don’t like him. He annoys me, but I still like to watch him roar and throw cars and break stuff. It always looks so cool.


I don’t think that this rule is very realistic. It shouldn’t matter how you say the magic words to activate the amulet, as long as you say them. It would be extremely inconvenient if the bad guy wins the battle all because while he was attacking, the amulet was being picky about the calmness of the hero’s voice.


These two freak out about the crazy things that are happening to them. I mean, yes, their freaking out might be realistic, but it’s a bit cliche. Everyone screams when they almost get killed. It would be a lot more interesting if they were bored by it or they had some really unexpected reaction.


Yes, I know I already used this picture in one of my other reviews, but I just couldn’t help myself. It looks so freaking amazing! I have a thing for glowing crystals, so I cannot stop staring at this place.


And we now know who everyone is so we can look forward to things getting considerably more interesting. Character development, back stories, new locations. You know, all the little juicy bits. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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