Teen Titans Ep12 The Apprentice-Part 1

episode 12- 1

Brrr, Slade gives me the creeps. He’s just so freaking creepy. And he’s such a psychopath. I’m feeling so sorry for poor Robin right now. I know that this scene is just a dream but it’s extremely similar to the real thing.

episode 12- 2

Wow, Raven’s pretty observant. She manages to spot some tiny squiggly lines that were reflected on this massive weird looking weapon. I thought Beast Boy was pretty funny in this scene. He always makes a remark that leads to his embarrassment, I think it’s a habit.

episode 12- 3

I thought this part was kind of funny, even though Robin’s teammates didn’t. Their reactions were hilarious. Robin was really violent, bashing and smashing everything within reach. Luckily, it was only the bad guys that he was taking his anger out on.

episode 12- 4

Hahaha! The timing for this was PERFECT! Robin’s all wound up after obliterating Slade’s robots and attacking some poor random dude who just happens to work there. It looked like he’s going to get into a fight with Beast Boy, when out of nowhere, Starfire lets out an explosive sneeze.

episode 12- 5

Ugh, Slade’s at it again. Why must this man keep MESSING with this poor teenager’s mind. He’s being such a big- ahem. There may be children reading this so I shall not finish that sentence. Robin must be so close to losing it right now.

episode 12- 6

Starfire looks EXACTLY like me when I wake up early after I stayed up late watching Netflix. At least now she is fully aware of the effects of her atomic sneezes. Up until now, it was only other life forms that experienced them. Also, is it just me or does it look like one of her fingers is about to fall off.

episode 12- 7

Slade, hasn’t your mother ever told you how RUDE it is to put microscopic probes in someone’s bloodstream? Also, why do all the pictures look the same? I would’ve thought that at least Starfire’s blood cells would look different, since she is an alien. The animators either didn’t have enough time to draw something different, or they were just being lazy.

episode 12- 8

Yikes! Didn’t see that coming. Robin looks so badass in his creepy robot dude costume. I’m not sure about the new mask though. It kind of makes him look like he’s wearing eye makeup or has really long eyelashes. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to have long eyelashes, but it looks a bit strange on him.

episode 12 end card

Interesting episode. We see plenty of the obsessed, reckless side of Robin. If he talked to his friends about this a bit more and listened to their advice, he probably wouldn’t be in this situation right now. I hope he learns his lesson. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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