Teen Titans Ep10 Detention


This episode has only just started and I’m already annoyed by the villain. Seriously, this guy is so IRRITATING! If he wasn’t a cartoon, I’d be extremely tempted to give him a good slap in the face. However, he is a cartoon and I don’t want to damage my screen.


There are a LOT of optical illusions in this episode. Black and white stripes, crazy staircases, those hallways where everyone keeps running backwards and forwards through random doors. My eyes are really confused right now.


Starfire asks Robin if all the schools on his planet are this horrible. Umm. I’m not sure if she’s going to like the answer to that. Personally, I rather enjoy school, but I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of young humans would be much happier if schools didn’t exist.


These scenes crack me up! The way Beast Boy is so easily hypnotised by these swirling black and white spirals is both funny and concerning. I don’t think it’s natural for a person to have this kind of reaction to moving patterns, but luckily this is just a cartoon so it doesn’t matter.


This part was hilarious! I have to say, Starfire is very brave. I never like to be within close proximity of large amounts of drool, but to be dribbled on by a teenaged boy would be horrible. I just can’t help but admire this alien’s sacrifice of her dignity.


Dang. Poor Raven. I can easily relate to her hatred of sporting activities, so I can only imagine what torture she must have endured in gym class. Forced to wear a ridiculous uniform and exercise. The very thought sends shivers down my spine.


This episode is just getting more and more confusing as it goes on. Running in circles, going through spots that can’t make up their minds about whether they’re a hole, a portal or a solid surface. It seems that the laws of physics have completely abandoned this episode.


What!? After all that, it turns out that the mysterious villain who could go through walls, fly, change his size, contain the Titans’ powers, command a robot army and talk in an extremely annoying English accent, was actually just some old guy in a box? Plot twist! Also, I mean no offence to any English people reading this post, I’m sure your accents are fine.


This episode was a very nice mixture of funny and confusing. I enjoyed watching Beast Boy being turned into a brain dead vegetable, over and over again. I thought the bad guy was extremely obnoxious, but then again, most of them are. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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