Teen Titans Ep9 Masks


I don’t think Beast Boy has a very good memory. He thinks that Raven owes him big time after he saves her, but I’m pretty sure she’s already made up for it with all the times she’s ever saved him.


I don’t think that the male characters in this show understand sarcasm. That’s not too good for Raven though as her every second sentence is a sarcastic remark. Maybe they’ll learn. Then again, maybe they won’t.


Ugh, RUDE!!! Shame on you, Robin. You should not just close the door in a girl’s face. Especially since she’s the only one of your friends who still likes you. Bad human!


This bit was HILARIOUS! Beast Boy says Raven looks good with tape covering her mouth, which ticks her off. But the part that really got me laughing was when Cyborg rips it off. The other two scream and Ravens reaction was perfect.


This bit was also pretty funny. It’s so completely oblivious that Robin is Red X. I don’t get how they can’t figure that out. He knows all your weaknesses, he even saved Beast Boy from the train. And then kicked him in the gut.


Geez, FINALLY! Well done Starfire, you managed to figure out the completely obvious mystery that everyone should’ve solved right at the beginning. I guess it had to be Starfire who figured it out, seeing as she’s the only one who cares.


This is a rather interesting battle. Slade seems to read Robin’s mind. I feel really sorry for the poor guy (Robin, not Slade), this must be extremely frustrating.


Ouch, it must sting a little to have Starfire explain what happened to him and why it happened. I think I’ll see Starfire differently from now on. I always assumed she was just this bubble headed alien girl who wasn’t used to Earth stuff. I guess I was wrong.


This episode was very interesting to watch. We’ve seen all the other Titans’ problems, but now we get to see what goes wrong in Robin’s noggin. He gets seriously obsessed with catching villains. I’m just seriously obsessed with cartoons. Speaking of which, stay awesome and keep watching them, Toonbiter out!

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