Teen Titans Ep4 Forces of Nature


Yay, another hilarious Beast Boy and Raven moment. Beast Boy really should’ve listened to Raven, his plan to get even with Cyborg just soared across the hallway and right into the unsuspecting face of an alien girl.


Hmmm, looks like the alien girl is displeased by Beast Boy’s prank. I love how completely unresponsive Raven is while Starfire blows up at the little green guy. The motor oil actually was kinda funny.


Wow, what a supportive friend Cyborg is. It’s pretty obvious that Cyborg can’t take Starfire’s place searching the skies with Beast Boy, so why didn’t he just ask Raven? She can fly and she’s also not holding a grudge against him. Common sense.


I can kind of see why Starfire has a hard time resisting “the face,” it’s pretty adorable. I also found it a little bit creepy though. A green kitten with an abnormally large head and big eyes looks rather weird when you think about it.


Oh sure, take it out on the trees! Fear not citizens, the Teen Titans are obliterating the forest for you. They do this because they want to help you and you’re finding it very difficult to destroy the environment on your own.


Ooh, Beast Boy sounds very wise in this scene. Funny how he learned from his mistakes in this episode. Usually, it takes a few goes. Like how he keeps making bad jokes even though he knows very well that nobody finds him funny. Just kidding, I constantly make bad jokes as well.


Umm, I seriously doubt that a little rain will stop this huge fire monster. The Titans soaked it with a great big splash of water from an elephant trunk and a fire hydrant, which had no effect. If that’s the case, a few drops of water aren’t going to make a dent.


This episode was entertaining, although I wasn’t too sure about the characters, Thunder and Lightning. They act like little kids, playing and wanting to have fun and making a horrific mess in the process. And also, I don’t like this Slade guy. He’s creepy, he only has one eye and half his face just fell off. Brrrr, see you next time humans.

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