Teen Titans Ep3 Final Exam


Oh dear. Raven’s just tried to use logic on two teenaged boys, I’m afraid that’s never going to work. Although, it was very amusing to watch. These guys get into some really funny arguments when they’re not fighting villains.


Attention parents, this is what happens when you leave teenagers alone without supervision for too long. How are these guys so bad at looking after themselves. You shouldn’t be allowed to become a superhero if you can’t keep the fridge free of bright blue mould.


I can relate to this. For some reason, people always forget that I’m a vegetarian and I end up saying the same things over and over again. “No, I can’t eat that. I regret to inform you that fish is not a vegetable.” You know, Cyborg was probably right about there being no meat in pepperoni. You probably don’t want to know what’s actually in it though…


Gizmo is a strange child. He must’ve missed out on the normal parents most other kids get. If you’ve seen this episode already, then you’re probably familiar with the language he uses. This kid has given the Titans some of the most bizarre, colourful insults I’ve ever heard, and I’ve watched a lot of TV.


Seriously? What are these writers doing? It’s the third episode, and we’ve just lost Robin. Last episode, Starfire tried to leave, and in the one before that, Cyborg quit. Why? Isn’t this sort of thing supposed to happen in the middle and towards the end of a season?


Cyborg, if you want people to take your injuries seriously, don’t make them so funny! This is one of the things I love about this show, it doesn’t matter if an event is scary or sad or depressing because somewhere, there’ll be a joke that’ll get you laughing again.


Ummm, large dude. You said that the food was way out of date. If those words just came out of your mouth, WHY is the mouldy burger going in it? What’s wrong with you? Hmm, I probably don’t need to bother asking that.


Raven is saying exactly what I say when one of my younger siblings goes in my room. The Titans may be superheroes, but they’re also typical teenagers. They just defeated the bad guys and got their house back, they should be celebrating. What are they doing? Complaining.


This episode has me laughing but it also made me extremely frustrated. The villains are very very annoying. Well, the little one is anyway, the big one’s just a bit on the stupid end of the spectrum. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons. Toonbiter out!

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  1. Hahaha, reminds me of when I used to watch Teen Titans everyday. Sadly, it’s become a weekend affair now. Great summarisation of the characters.


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