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Teen Titans Go! Not one of my favourite cartoons. I’m not going to be reviewing individual episodes of this series, I’ll just talk about the show as a whole. I didn’t actually know about the original Teen Titans until I bumped into it by accident. Now don’t judge me, I already know that I’ve been living under a rock for most of my life. Anyway, back in those days, I watched Teen Titans Go and I really liked it. I found it really sweet and funny, but now my opinion of it has been somewhat lowered.


I should probably explain a bit about the show, just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Teen Titans Go is a spinoff of the animated television show, Teen Titans. It features the superheroes, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg, and basically shows us what their everyday life is like when they’re not saving the city. The show focuses on how the five teenagers interact and live with each other, normally involving pranks and the characters getting on each other’s nerves. This cartoon is more of a comedy than an action series and includes a variety of catchy, yet extremely irritating songs.


First off, the animation. The show is made using Flash, which means that the quality isn’t very high. That’s okay though, I’ve seen a lot worse. One thing that does bug me is their use of colour. There is WAY too much of it, and I’m talking unnaturally bright colours. It looks like someone went crazy with a sharpie. The creators obviously put hardly any effort into the show, worrying about quantity rather than quality. Both are important but there needs to be a balance.


The characters are completely different from the originals. They look pretty similar and all have the same voice actors as their older versions, but their personalities have changed a lot. Robin went from the kickass leader, to the mentally challenged control freak. Starfire has been dumbed down and sometimes acts like a toddler on a sugar high. For some reason, Raven is obsessed with cartoon ponies and Beast Boy and Cyborg are just plain annoying. The way the characters interact with each other has also been altered, such as who gets on their nerves and who they have a crush on.


The episodes only run for eleven minutes, so you might think the creators have an excuse for putting zero effort into the stories. They DON’T! There’s this other cartoon called the Secret Show. It’s clever, funny and engaging, and guess what? It has the exact same running time. While Teen Titans Go has some interesting episodes, the majority of them are pretty stupid. These episodes are funny, but I’m pretty sure the time slot can be filled with something a little less brain numbing. I mean, there’s an episode about going to the toilet. The song for the ‘Pee pee dance’ was stuck in my head for a whole freaking week.


Something that I’ve noticed about Teen Titans Go is that it attracts a different audience from the original show. It might have originally been intended for fans of the old show, but I think it probably just depressed them. Teen Titans Go seems to appeal more to children as there’s a large amount of modern jokes and slapstick comedy. It just doesn’t have the deep, interesting stories that appeal to older kids. This show is surprisingly popular, but I’m guessing that the audience is either really young or made up of the original Teen Titans fans who were just relieved that their favourite cartoon was coming back.


I’m sorry to all Teen Titans Go fans that I gave your favourite show a negative-ish review. This cartoon is very funny and I understand why many people love it, but I also understand why many people hate it. I strongly believe in quality when it comes to cartoons, and I also don’t approve of what this show has done to the original characters. They’ve been transformed from being engaging and having interesting, unique personalities, to an animated freak show. Please note that my reviews are just my opinion, and if you don’t agree with something I say, don’t feel inclined to spam my comment section with hate mail. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons. Toonbiter out!

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  1. KTSReviews says:

    I agree with this so much! Teen Titans Go! Will never measure up to the original.


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