Trollhunters Ep5 Waka Chaka


I love how the goblins keep drawing moustaches on their faces with a black marker. These creatures may be dangerous little nuisances, but when they’re on their own, they can be pretty funny to watch. They aren’t cute like the gnomes though.


Toby’s chubby tracker is basically just a Fitbit. The idea of earning stuff is pretty cool though. I bet everyone would exercise is it meant being rewarded with free merchandise. It’s kinda funny how attached he is too it. Although it’s also not good because he refuses to exercise if he isn’t wearing it.


I am so surprised that this delivery guy hasn’t been fired yet. He dropped the same parcel so many times, I’m sure the contents will be completely unrecognisable. And then, when we all think it’s impossible for him to be any less professional, he goes and takes a dump in this poor, confused child’s house.


This says a lot about the intelligence of a goblin. They get revenge on the delivery truck that ran over one of them, and completely ignore the guy driving it. I laughed so hard when the delivery guy stares blankly at the remnants of what used to be his delivery truck.


Oh marvellous! Not only do these green growling things swarm and devour anything they hold a grudge against, but they can smell fear. How has any other species survived when they’ve been sharing the planet with these pesky creatures?


That is unfortunate. Claire is one of my favourite characters, and I don’t like to see her getting hurt. However, I will admit that the combination of dramatic music and slow motion did make me laugh when she got clubbed in the cakehole.


Oooh! The museum lady’s a changeling! That is both creepy and cool at the same time. Imagine being able to switch between a human and troll form whenever you feel like it. Her troll form is really ugly to humans, so I wonder if changelings are disgusted by their human forms.


Ewww! That’s disgusting! I know she’s evil and all, but I still felt sorry for her when this happened. Not only did she fall on a goblin which for some reason exploded, steadily increasing the ick factor, but then she was attacked by a swarm of angry green biting things.


This was definitely the grossest episode I’ve seen so far. Why are the goblins so fragile? They don’t even have bones, how do they stand up? The word that best describes it is ‘yuck.’ Hopefully we won’t have to watch goblins exploding for a little while. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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