Miraculous Ladybug Ep11 Horrificator


Yikes, I think Adrien and Chloe kissing only happens in our nightmares. I was kinda freaking out the first time I watched this. Usually, Nino is a very likeable character, but after it turned out he changed the script, I wanted to clobber him over the head.


Ha ha! I love how Adrien backs away with a grossed out look on his face. I mean, it was funny enough how Chloe completely stuffed up her lines, but this just adds to it. Although, this scene probably would’ve been terrible if not for Marinette’s interruption.


It’s probably always the shippers who notice this little detail before everyone else does. Adrien backs away from Chloe, but leans in with Marinette. He actually wants her to kiss him. Of course, Chloe just had to ruin it, which probably resulted in a lot if miserable fans.


Admit it Ladybug, you think Cat Noir’s funny. Don’t bother trying to hide it, we can all see you smiling. I guess it’s pretty reassuring to know Ladybug enjoys Cat Noir’s sense of humour, and doesn’t just find him annoying.


Horrificator is a really cool villain. It’s a pity she doesn’t have wings or I could blab on about how she looks like a dragon. I think the roars could’ve been just a little bit louder, to make her scarier. Then again, this is a kids show and it might give them nightmares if it’s too freaky.


A lot of Mylene and Ivan shippers probably love this scene, but even they have to admit it’s a bit icky. It’s true that Ivan’s crushing on her, but I don’t think he’s enjoying the experience of being licked in the face by a huge pink, slime spitting monster.


We all know Marinette has a crush on Adrien, and of course she’s worried and wants to make sure he’s okay. The part that’s interesting is that Cat Noir wants to know if Marinette’s there. I think that little detail gets overlooked, why is Adrien so worried about her? Hmm…


Overall, good episode. There’s plenty of human villains in the series, but it’s always cool to see a monster. I found it kinda funny how the middle eye doesn’t do much. It closes less than the other two and it doesn’t show a lot of expression. Maybe that’s because the eyelids are on the sides or maybe it’s because the eye is wide open for most of the episode.

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