Miraculous Ladybug Ep9 Rogercop


Wow, the mayor is just as snobby and stuck up as Chloe. Now we know where she gets it from. I don’t know why anyone voted for him, he’s not a good mayor, and he’s an even worse parent. His daughter is an only child who has been trained to believe that she’s the centre of the universe. He fired a policeman for doing his job properly, rather than listening to the mayor’s silly accusations.


There are all kinds of places where two people can have a friendly conversation. There’s cafes, there’s the park or even when waiting in line, but Ladybug and Cat Noir decide to do chat on the roof of a flying car. Rogercop’s car is actually really cool, I would LOVE to have a flying car. If Rogercop wasn’t a villain, then his powers would make him the best policeman in the world. Oh well, never mind.


It’s funny how Cat Noir already knows that Ladybug isn’t interested in him, but he just keeps on trying. He should have learned by now that flirting with her only ever results in pushing him away or dropping him on the ground.


I find it amazing how all the policemen attack the superheroes, after being told to by the villain. Have they forgotten about all the people Ladybug and Cat Noir have saved? I guess it just goes to show how quickly people will listen to the government, without even knowing why.


It’s interesting how Ladybug and Cat Noir have been hiding together in their costumes all day. And yet, I remember Cat Noir running off because his ring is flashing, when he hasn’t even used his Cataclysm in the episode.


Either the script writers didn’t think of this, or Cat Noir is just a really bad listener. When he points to the bracelet, Ladybug gasps and recognises it as Chloe’s, out loud. How could she know it’s Chloe’s bracelet, if she wasn’t in his class. If he wants to know her identity so badly, he needs to learn to use his noggin.


Umm, it’s night time and she’s still doing that? I’d think she wouldn’t be able to feel them at the moment, if she hadn’t thrown them up in the air. This must also mean Fred has been running in circles for who knows how many hours. He would’ve fainted or be crying from the pain in his legs or be gasping for water. I guess that wouldn’t happen in a kids show.


I hope we can all learn something from this episode. Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t abuse your power, or you’ll end up with a big blue robot chasing after you. I learned to never bring a mayor in for show and tell.

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