Miraculous Ladybug Ep8 Evillustrator


Okay, this beginning had me thoroughly confused. Stormy weather with Lady Wifi, beat Marinette who’s a superhero. What? Oh, it’s just a dream. Nathanael’s the third guy who’s got a crush on this girl. Wow, Marinette’s getting quite a collection, but I doubt she’ll get over her crush on Adrien.



I love the humour in this episode. Chloe’s this huge fan of Ladybug, who hates her. Of course, she’s too self centred to notice. If Ladybug’s true identity is ever revealed to the city of Paris, I can’t wait to see the look on Chloe’s face. That girl in her class that she’s always horrible to, is actually her idol. I also like how when Cat Noir’s on the phone (or on the stick) he frowns at Chloe when he pushes her away. I guess we’ll never have to worry about the monster’s crush on Adrien, he finds her just as annoying as we do.


This moment is one of my favourites. Cat Noir’s all showing off, and Marinette’s making fun of him. What I find interesting though, is that Cat Noir is actually Adrien. Why is Adrien showing off to Marinette? Is he just messing around because he can’t in normal life, or does he like her? It’s pretty obvious that he’s trying to impress her, but he’s in love with Ladybug. Come to think of it, Cat Noir is like this around her throughout the whole episode, and a few other episodes. It’s moments like this you wish you could read characters’ minds.


In this scene, Cat Noir’s kinda like the jealous ex boyfriend. I obviously supported Cat Noir in this fight, but I did feel kinda sorry for Nathanael. He thought his crush liked him back, but she was actually fighting against him. He did do a good job decorating the boat, but the party looked a bit boring. He should have drawn a puppy or something. Too late to fix the party, Cat Noir’s crashed it.


I wasn’t entirely sure who I was supposed to root for in this scene. I know that the Evillustrator is the bad guy, but I don’t think I’d mind Chloe getting stomped by a giant shoe. That girl is more evil than Hawkmoth.


Again, Adrien must have some sort on thing for Marinette. He’s trying to find out what she thinks about Cat Noir. Not just that, but he wants to know if Marinette thinks Cat Noir is ‘awesome!’ Obviously, she thinks he’s more awesome than Cat Noir. What does that mean though? How are you supposed to react when someone says that you are more awesome than yourself?


I think that this was a really cool episode, with a really cool villain. Seriously, I want the power to make the stuff I draw become real. Of course, that would result in the world being overrun by dragons. This episode was also an excellent opportunity for fans who ship, as it featured Ladynoir, Adriette, and Marichat.

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  1. Olga says:

    Hi Toonbites! What a great little blog you’ve got there. I am a big fan to Miraculous Ladybug. Thanks.


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