Miraculous Ladybug Ep6 Pharaoh


Don’t beat yourself up Marinette, we all make mistakes. Even if yours nearly cost you your secret identity. I just can’t get over how sweet and adorable Tikki is. She’s just so good at calming Marinette down when she’s stressed, I guess she has had 5000 years experience. It makes you think though, when and how was Tikki born? Did she hatch from an egg or pop out of thin air? The answers may be revealed in season two…


I love how Tikki kept going on about how all the answers were at the museum and points excitedly to the papyrus scroll, but doesn’t explain what Marinette’s supposed to be looking for. Tikki, your owner’s secret identity is on the line here! Take the situation seriously! And why is Alya’s bag orange?


You should probably know that these gods and their powers are incredibly inaccurate. I wonder if some little kids took this information seriously and blabbed it all in history class. They used the wrong animal for Thoth and he isn’t the God of time anyway, he’s the god of knowledge. Sekhmet is the goddess of fire and war, so you can see where the strength power comes from. However, she is also the goddess of love, dancing and healing, but I guess Pharaoh wouldn’t have found those very useful. Unless he felt like dancing to “Walk like an Egyptian.”


I love Plagg, but I’ve got to admit he doesn’t make a very good kwami. He’s lazy, doesn’t give good advice and doesn’t like transforming. We all find this funny but I don’t like how he’s so insensitive when it comes to Adrien’s crush on Ladybug.


Observe, as the Ladybug attempts to blend into her surroundings. Is a very funny position she landed in, but it looks like it hurt. I tried to imitate her position and failed, but maybe that’s just because I’m not very flexible.


I really admire how brave and confident Alya is. She’s been carried on the shoulder of a villain who intends to sacrifice her and instead of crying out for help, she’s filming the whole thing. She’s really determined to soak up as much information as possible, she is SO going to become a news reporter when she grows up.


Did I mention that I love the girl power theme of this show? Ladybug always saves the day and seems a lot more important than Cat Noir, not that I’m in favour of this. I want to see some episodes where the Cat saves the day. Ladybug is also very good at comebacks, who doesn’t respect that?


Alya, you’re supposed to be grateful that the superhero is saving your life. This isn’t a good time for you to pull the “mummy didn’t let me have the lollipop” face. I’m sure Ladybug isn’t implying that you wouldn’t make a good sacrifice.


OMG! Tikki is so bloody adorable! I took a bazillion screenshots of this scene because I love all the positions and faces that she does. She definitely doesn’t look older  than 5000 years old. If she’s known every ladybug since the beginning, I wonder if she gets attached to any of them. Obviously she outlives them all, does she miss them or does she just forget? She’s pretty upbeat and positive, not depressed about losing her friends. It must be strange, being a kwami.


Overall, good episode, although not very educational. The powers were cool but inaccurate and Alya’s rear end must be seriously sore after she landed on the top of the Louvre pyramid and had a rough slide down. This episode played a very important role in the history of the Ladybug superhero and her kwami, I still can’t believe she’s more than 5000 years old.

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  1. Wow Alya know who ladybug is?


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