Miraculous Ladybug Ep5 Mr Pigeon


You know, I forget how funny Marinette’s crush on Adrien is. The way she gets nervous and starts stammering probably wouldn’t be so hilarious, if not for everyone else’s reactions. The way Alya is silently signalling to her, and Adrien is just confused really adds to the show’s lighthearted atmosphere.


Now this, I can relate to. It happens to me all the bloody time. When working under pressure, a person’s creative juice levels can sink dangerously low. If you’re trying to draw something but lack inspiration, you can easily become a collector of scrunched up balls of paper.


I love this scene, where Cat Noir starts dancing. Ladybug’s all serious and Cat Noir decides that now is a perfect time to do the iconic Gangnam Style dance. What I’m wondering is, how did Cat Noir get that hat on? Did his ears suffer at all from the experience?


No offence to Mr Pigeon, but he is probably the lamest villain that Ladybug and Cat Noir have had to fight. If he could fly or something, maybe he’d be cooler. I’m sorry but controlling pigeons is just not very impressive. The character also seems somewhat mentally challenged, the way he talks and acts. Even Tikki thought so.


Okay, so our villain has control over all the pigeons in Paris. He’s using them to attack a  bug that might get eaten by a pigeon, and a cat that’s allergic to birds. I don’t know what natural weapons a pigeon has, maybe they’ll peck our heroes to death? No, the villain has trapped them in a giant birdcage, and wants his pigeons to poop on them. I’m starting to think that this episode might have had a little bit more potential.


This is a really funny scene in this episode. The mayor clearly has no idea how the superhero powers work. I laughed so hard when he thought Cat Noir needed the bathroom and wanted Camembert. Ladybug really isn’t helping her partner’s dignity.


Wow, Mr Pigeon’s puns are even worse that Cat Noir’s! I’m just kidding, Cat Noir’s jokes are awesome. This villain isn’t just mentally challenged though, he’s crazy. He’s using those poor birds as weapons,and clearly overestimating their effectiveness. I don’t think he’s very smart either, why did Hawkmoth even bother?


Mr Pigeon is brought down by popcorn, if I were him I’d be embarrassed. It makes you think though, if this guy can be beaten with a vending machine snack, how come it took Ladybug and Cat Noir so long to defeat him? They were acting like it was a big challenge. And what does that label say?


I think the world would greatly benefit from Chloe being locked in a zoo, there’d definitely be a lot less villains. I got so annoyed when she copied Marinette’s hat, even though I do wonder how she managed to get the colours and all the other details, from one drawing. Adrien winked at Marinette, again. Does he do that to everyone, or just her? And how did she miss that detail about both Adrien and Cat Noir being allergic to feathers?


This wasn’t my favourite episode. It had all the humour and charm of every other, but it lacked action. The villain’s powers were pretty lame, and it wasn’t like he was smart to make up for it. But I still laughed and watched this episode over again.

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  1. Tomi says:

    This is good
    Good cat boy
    Good ladybug


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