Voltron Legendary Defender Ep4 Fall of the Castle of Lions

s1 ep4 2

Haha, Keith is so hilarious. He just has no idea how to interact with humans, which I guess I can sort of understand. I mean, humans are pretty weird. Like, they do this horrible torturous thing to their children called school. Urgh, just the thought of being locked up in a building having mathematical principles forced into my brain sends shivers down my spine. Sorry, I think I’m getting distracted.


s1 ep4 4

I love Pidge so much. The arcane properties of peanuts and sweat make for such a diverting conversation topic. I actually find Pidge quite relatable in a lot of ways, the main one being that I also like to nick food at parties.


s1 ep4 5

Aww, poor Lance misses rain. And garlic knots, which I’ve never actually tried. I love how Coran is just insensitively scrolling through thousands of galaxies, and completely not making him feel any better. It’s like if you can’t eat gluten and you go to a restaurant and you have to read over all the tasty things you can’t eat, trying to find some random salad. Sorry, this is starting to hit just a little too close to home.


s1 ep4 6

Hmm. You know those days where you’re feeling really homesick, surrounded by aliens and being ignored by flying robots and then out of nowhere, one of them tries to blow up your spaceship? Yeah. I think Team Voltron are having one of them.


s1 ep4 7

Pffftt. Sorry, I sometimes find it really hard to take Sendak seriously. I think his huge adorable fluffy ears might have something to do with it. Or maybe it’s because his uniform looks like it has eyes on it, and so you can’t tell which one is trying to give you the sterner look. Maybe the uniform is actually in charge. Or maybe Sendak is the uniform, and the fluffy head is just there for decoration because he’s insecure about being just a stern looking torso with a face. You see, this is how you make villains more interesting.


s1 ep4 8

Ooh! I love this cool glowy fighting scene. Whoever choreographed it did an amazing job. And just look at that smooth animation. I love just watching them prance around attacking each other like salty triggered ballet dancers.


s1 ep4 10

Hunk, stop making me laugh so much. I wonder what recording this was like. You’d just be screaming into the microphone while all the other voice actors have to be completely silent and try not to crack up. This scenario kinda reminds me of my first spaceship ride, I couldn’t stop screaming either, and we hadn’t actually started moving yet.


s1 ep4 11

Pidge has got the right idea when it comes to making important choices. Caution and careful planning are way overrated anyway. Just be like ‘whatever’, and blow it up, it makes things way more interesting. That was actually how I found my way to Earth, I couldn’t decide which way to go, so I just chucked the map out the airlock, shot it with the laser gun and went where the hole was.


s1 ep4 3

Well, I liked that episode. There was plenty of funny stuff, drama, high stakes and weird tasting drinks. Also, apparently they have alien marshmallows on sticks. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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