Trollhunters Ep12 Claire and Present Danger


Whew! That was lucky! They got the amulet, but they still need the human Trollhunter to open the portal. I know that they’re the bad guys and everything, but I still kinda feel sorry for them. They’ve gone into all this trouble to get all the bridge pieces from around the world and it’s never enough. The first time, the portal didn’t open completely because it needed the amulet, and this time it closed because it turns out they also need the boy. Maybe they should try what humans do when something doesn’t work out the first time; forget about it and go out for coffee.


Eww! Why do goblins keep EXPLODING? Their species just doesn’t make any sense. If something heavy falls on them, they don’t get cut or bruised, they turn into a puddle of sticky green slime. Don’t they have bones or organs? Actually, it’s probably better if they don’t because this is a children’s show and I think that sort of content might be just a little too graphic for that age group.


Chomsky is one brave little gnome. Everything he does just keeps adding to his adorableness. With his beady black eyes and little red hat, who wouldn’t want one as a pet. It’s so hilarious how he’s in love with a plastic toy, let’s hope he’ll be okay.


I wasn’t too sure if I should’ve been feeling sorry for Jim or laughing at him in this scene. I have to admit that when Claire’s sarcasm was thrown into the mix, I was much closer to laughter. He did look pretty ridiculous, dramatically waving around that fake amulet.


Uh oh. We all know what that creepy whistling means. The freaky changeling who likes to pretend she’s a museum curator has come to attack the main character and his confused crush with her cool, glowing knife things. This is the first time she’s won a fight with him, pity she doesn’t get a chance to enjoy it.


I love this little moment that goes on between the parents. I know it’s only on screen for a couple of seconds, but it still made me laugh. Claire bursts in while her parents are trying to watch their movie. This must already be quite a shock for them as they would’ve expected her to still be in her room and she’s probably going to be grounded by them later. The father is immediately alert and races out of the house after his daughter. The mother on the other hand, obviously thinks this is a complete waste of time, doesn’t really care if the world loses another teenaged boy, and will probably just keep watching her movie.


They’re really pumping up the drama now. Everybody’s gone into slow motion. Even the things that don’t really need to be in slow motion, are still slowed down. Maybe the writers were just trying to kill time so that the episode fitted nice and snugly within the time slot.


These bad guys are really bad. And a little bit predictable. This is what they always do. When the hero doesn’t do exactly what they want, which lets face it, was never going to happen, they’re next move will be to threaten them with someone or something they care about. At least most stories’ heroes don’t usually care about a six-eyed troll, so I guess there are some differences.


Well, now that Claire knows about Jim’s secret life, things are really going to get interesting. At least now he doesn’t have to worry about lying to her the next time he turns up to school in a suit of armour or trashes her house and blames it on the baby. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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