Teen Titans Ep6 Nevermore


Wow! Raven’s reaction to Beast Boy is exactly the same as mine when I catch someone in my room. I can understand why she’d be on edge, that Doctor Light guy was seriously annoying. He deserved to be traumatised by her.



This reminds me of that scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where Hagrid busts the door down. I wonder if that’s where the writers got it from. Whether it was copied or not, it’s still funny.


Eugh! Those little birdies are so freaking creepy. They’re like that small child in a horror movie who’ll say something weird just before there’s a jump scare. And the fact that these things are cute just makes them even more spine chilling.


Huh, so I guess this is what Raven would be like if she had Starfire’s personality. And it also turns out that Raven actually DOES think that Beast Boy’s funny. Who would’ve thought. Raven always acts like she can’t stand him.


I thought that the concept of Raven’s emoticlones was very interesting. I wonder if all the Titans have a group of these wacky characters living inside the mushy stuff in their heads. Sorry, have I put you off your dinner?


Yipes! I’m not surprised that Raven has issues with her father, he’s a freaking daemon! Don’t expect any dad jokes from this guy. At least now we can see where Raven gets her cool, yet extremely dangerous powers.


Aww, this bit is so cute! All this time, Beast Boy was convinced that Raven didn’t like him. Turns out that Raven thought Beast Boy didn’t like her. Let’s hope that these two can stay friends. It’s funny when they argue but I prefer it when they get along.


These two cracked me up. Throughout the episode, Starfire keeps asking Robin if they could check on Raven, to which he always replied no. Obviously our alien friend isn’t going to give up so easily. It looks like she’s stronger than Robin, why’d she even bother asking his permission?


I really loved this episode. I always think it’s cool to learn more about my favourite character. She’s so complicated and mysterious, up until now, one could only imagine what goes on inside her head. At least now, Beast Boy and Cyborg have learned an important lesson about going in Raven’s room. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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