Trollhunters Ep26 Something Rotten This Way Comes

ep26 2

Ooh, cool! The team can cut up Angor Rot’s eye and use it to make Jim’s armour even cooler. Honestly, I can’t imagine that our evil troll friend will be too happy about that. Then again, it probably serves him right for chasing them and spying on them and attacking them and trying to kill them. You know buddy, what goes around comes around.

ep26 4

What? Seriously, Stickler? You had Gunmar’s eye the entire time? First of all, eww. Second of all, why the heck didn’t anybody search him? He could’ve been carrying a bomb, or a knife, or a limited edition box of tic tacs and nobody would’ve known. This is what happens when you leave teenagers in charge of things.

ep26 6

‘Nobody lays hands on my sister!’ Aww! Notenrique actually sees Claire as his sister and she sees him as her brother. These two are just so sweet, I hope we’ll be seeing more of it in the second season. I am wondering what will happen when they get Claire’s real brother back and he’s trapped in his troll form. How will her parents react?

ep26 7

I love how excited Blinky is about driving a car, even though he’s terrible at it. You’d think it would be easier with so many arms, as you’d be able to steer, change gears and mess with the radio all at the same time. At least he doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt with his stone hard skin, even after being thrown through the air by an angry, one-eyed troll assassin.

ep26 9

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Aaarrrgghh!!! Why writing team? Why do you do this? Aaarrrgghh was like, one of the coolest sweetest characters in the show, why couldn’t it be that jerk from Jim’s school instead? This has got to be the absolute saddest moment in the whole show. I feel so sorry for poor Toby.

ep26 10

Dammit, finally! It’s only taken you half the bloody season to take out this stupid troll. At least it looks cool though, and at least Toby was involved, instead of just Jim playing the hero and everyone else tagging along behind. It’s also pretty awesome that all the souls he’s trapped can finally be released, although I don’t see the point of trapping them in the first place, since they didn’t in any way make up for the one he lost.

ep26 11

Aww, this is so sweet! Poor Draal spent ages wanting to be closer to his father, but Kanjigar kept pushing him away in order to keep him safe. It’s nice that he finally gets some closure, and a much deserved apology. I feel so bad for him, at least now we have a better idea about why he behaved the way he did at the beginning of the season.

ep26 13

Ooh, Jim’s gotten an upgrade. That new armour is looking really cool, I wonder if it comes with any new powers. Also, can I just say, the Darklands look incredible. The dreamworks animators have outdone themselves on this one.

ep26 14

Wow, we’ve actually finished the first season. I hope you guys enjoyed it, now I’ve gotta find a new toon to munch on. I’m not too fond of cliffhangers, so hopefully the second season will hurry up and be released. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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