The Magic School Bus Review

msb 5

Oh my gosh, the nostalgia! I remember eating this show when I was still a hatchling. Back then, we could only really get the episodes on cassette tapes, so they were a lot chewier than they are now. These days I find online providers give them a much smoother texture which I like better than the crunchiness of DVDs, but that’s just my opinion.

msb 1

This cartoon taught me so much about you humans and the bizarre planet you live on. At first, the idea of creatures that feed on heavy, solid masses of water, fibre, sugar and pizza seemed too strange to comprehend, but the adventures of a yellow, shapeshifting earth vehicle really helped me settle in.

msb 2

The characters in this show are quite diverse in personality and traits, however, they’re all humans, apart from one lizard, so I’m afraid the show isn’t very relatable to anyone of a non-human background. Led by an eccentric teacher with a peculiar last name, this group of children are given an extremely unfair educational advantage over all the other classes at their school.

msb 4

The animation style of the cartoon is simplistic, but not overly stylised. You can tell what’s a chair and what isn’t. Honestly, the animation isn’t the most important aspect of this show. It’s not one of those programs that’s just a bunch of pretty lights on a screen for mindless toddlers to gawk at all day; what really matters is the content.

msb 6

This is one of the few shows that’s both educational, and not completely boring. Also woken into it is action, comedy and a rather interesting story. The characters are generally pretty good role models, probably because they’re written to be WAY more mature than they should be.

msb 7

Something to bare in mind while watching this toon is not to overanalyse it. While it is very informative, it is also still a kids show. Take the bus for example. It’s magic, it can change its shape and to top it all off, it has a freaking face. Now, I will advise you not to question any of these things, or make any sort of comment about their impossibility, as you will get the same answer. That’s just the way they are. It’s a cartoon, and it’s damn cool. Get over it.

msb 8

I’m not saying you should watch this show if you’re an adult or a ‘big kid’, whatever that means (To me, you’re all massive, so I can’t tell the difference), although you’ll probably still learn something. However, if you are a child or happen to live within close proximity of one, I highly recommend putting them in front of it for a little while. At least it teaches them something, unlike everything else you probably show them. No offence. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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