Miraculous Ladybug Ep20 Guitar Villain


Umm, Jagged Stone must have a very vivid imagination because this never happened. Pixelator is set before this one, and in that episode, Marinette doesn’t give the glasses directly to Jagged. Instead, she gives them to his agent, Penny.


Okay, this guy is seriously ANNOYING! I didn’t find him as irritating as Chloe, but he is still incredibly obnoxious. I did try to give this character a chance, but it seems like every scene that he’s featured in makes me dislike him even more.


I found this bit kind of interesting. Usually it’s Marinette who gets mad whenever Chloe and Adrien are together, but here it’s the other way around. Tikki is ticked off by Chloe, while Marinette’s focus is elsewhere.


DDDDDDRRRRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGGOOOOOONNNNNN!!! This episode has a dragon in it. A FREAKING DRAGON! The first time I saw this, I got so overexcited I was forgetting to breathe. This is awesome. My favourite show and a DRAGON!


I loved the scenes where Guitar Villain makes people start randomly dancing. And it wasn’t just people, EVERYTHING starts dancing. The cars, the birds. My favourite one was the mother and the baby, that was hilarious.


This scene was seriously awesome. It was great that there’s a dragon in this episode, what could be better than that? Ladybug and Cat Noir RIDING a dragon! After I’d watched the episode, I went back to watch all the dragon scenes again.


This was probably the funniest way that a villain has been defeated in this season. I was laughing my head off. It was also hilarious how Ladybug destroyed the object that contained the akuma. By smashing in with the bottom of the incredibly obnoxious Mr XY.


This scene is so cute. It’s both funny and ironic that Adrien is asking Marinette for her autograph. The adorable bit is the fact that he’s so nervous. I bet this is one of the fans’ favourite moments, especially the Adrienette shippers.


I loved this episode. The main reason is the dragon. OMG I freaking LOVE the dragon! I also loved the villain, and the dragon, and the random dancing, and the shippy bits, and also the dragon.

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