Miraculous Ladybug Ep18 Puppeteer


OMG I want these! These dolls are just too adorable to ignore. It’s actually a pretty cool craft idea, maybe I should try making them. Pity they’re not part of the Miraculous Ladybug merchandise.


Butterfly boy must be getting desperate if he’s resorted to akumatizing a five year old. Maybe he’s just experimenting with different types of people, since he’s had nothing but failures so far.


Puppeteer is like a little Stormyweather, in regard to her costume. I wonder why the writers did that, was there a reason or were they just running out of ideas? Either way, she still looks cool.


I loved this bit. The way Marinette’s staring at him is rather amusing, and I loved his reaction when Alya yanked her out of her hiding place. I don’t get why he didn’t notice her sooner, he turned in her direction before she had time to hide behind Alya.


This part was HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard at Lady Wifi talking like a little kid. It’s much funnier with her than any of the other characters. I also loved the bit where she freaked out some poor little girl, to get the Ladybug doll.


Ladybug definitely has some good reflexes. I love her little apology, it makes her look like she’s the one with the superhero crush. It was even more adorable when Cat Noir finally looks up from his injury, sees the way Ladybug’s looking at him, and gives her his dorky, wide eyed grin.


I found it really ironic how the last episode was all friendship and teamwork, and then this episode features Cat Noir being controlled by a kid and Ladybug throws him off the roof of the TV building. It’s also kinda sad, I know Ladybug’s the main focus of the show, but that’s no excuse for the writers to be mean to Cat Noir.


Wow, Ladybug is so awesome in this scene. This girl doesn’t even need a superhero parter, she just beat five villains in forty seconds. I love how she whistles the Miraculous Ladybug theme song.


All in all, good episode. I loved the bits where the characters were talking like little kids, and the little Ladynoir moments here and there. Although, I was feeling rather sorry for Cat Noir. He and Ladybug are a team and they’ll always be there for each other unless he happens to be controlled by a little kid, in which case he’ll be thrown off a roof.

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