Miraculous Ladybug Ep4 Timebreaker


Anyone else think that Marinette’s parents remind you of Mylene and Ivan? I’m not judging them, but there’s a pretty big size difference. But I’m guessing this doesn’t bother them, since they’ve been married twenty years.


Wow, this ancestor has outdone the iWatch, before it was even invented! I’m wondering if Alix is the favourite child. Her dad said that the watch is passed down from generation to generation on their fifteenth birthday, but she’s got an older brother. Wouldn’t it have already been given to him?


Squeal!!! He winked at her! That’s right Chloe, you go on staring. I’m surprised that Tikki was okay with Marinette becoming Ladybug, just to get there faster. She didn’t seem the slightest bit annoyed at the misuse of superhero powers.


Alix looks a bit like Golum in this picture. Stay away from my precious. She’s obviously not the most forgiving of characters, and she seems a tad rebellious. I don’t like people breaking my stuff, but I wouldn’t blame everybody. I might feel inclined to strangle Chloe though. I also loved the part where Marinette’s on her phone and the Akuma flies right past her. This goes to show what impact technology has on today’s youth. Even to superheroes!


Timebreaker’s costume looks cool, but the helmet kind of looks like a fly’s head. No offence to whoever designed this villain. I understand that Alix is upset about losing her watch, but I’m surprised that she’s cool with killing people to get it back.


This was probably my favourite part of this episode, and definitely the most shippy. It’s so sad and adorable at the same time. I wonder what matters more to Ladybug, defeating Timebreaker, or getting Cat Noir back. I know what the fans would prefer. And what does this mean for Plagg?


I cracked up laughing at the look that the Ladybugs gave Cat Noir. I kept watching this episode over and over again, trying to figure out which one’s which. Imagine how Cat Noir must feel. I love how the Ladybugs were so in sync with their lucky charms and when they caught the Akuma.


I’m a big sci-fi geek, so I really liked the time travel theme in this episode. Although personally, I didn’t think that this was a very cool villain power. It took a long time to collect enough energy, and she could only travel a few minutes back in time. It would’ve been better if she’d gone further back, to before the race started. But that’s just my opinion.

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