Trollhunters Ep 9 Bittersweet Sixteen


Well, now I know what a troll surprise party looks like. I love how they’re doing it even though the concept is completely alien to them. None of them have ever seen a balloon and the call it a ‘birthing day’ instead of a birthday. Aaarrrgghh was pretty convincing though.


No matter how hard I try, I just get over how obnoxious this Steve dude is. He doesn’t even have a reason for being a jerk, he just is. Maybe he wasn’t held enough as a baby. I’m surprised that characters like this are still so popular since audiences prefer them to be three dimensional and have a reason for being the way that they are.


Oooh! Stalklings look like dragons! This is actually quite an interesting idea. A troll that can fly, is immune to the sun, will only attack if you are alone and will stalk you until death. Sounds like somebody needs a hobby.


Damn she’s smart. This is why Claire is my favourite character. Of the three main heroes, she’s the only girl and she’s smarter than both of them put together. She’s even humble enough to ask for his help, even though he trashed her house.


Oh my gosh this is so awkward. I know that Jim’s desperate not to get killed by a flying troll, but I think he should still know better than to ask Claire’s parents for a ride home after the mess he made in their kitchen.


Yikes! He fried the stalkling! I’m surprised that he didn’t get killed himself after being shocked by lightning. I’m glad that the stalkling was just a troll that looked like a dragon, and not an actual dragon because there is no way I would review this show if any dragons died in it. Anything with dragon deaths in it is not worth watching.


Aww, I don’t think that Blinky has ever been hugged much. It’s nice that Jim has a mentor that he can look up to, since he doesn’t have a father. I imagine that having a troll as a father figure might be slightly strange for a human, but it’s still adorable.


Uh oh! That’s not good! The changelings have the last piece of Killerhead Bridge, which means the biggest and baddest of all the trolls is coming to destroy the planet. Well, I doubt that would actually happen because it would probably be a little too graphic for a cartoon, but you know what I mean. It would be bad.


Well, that’s the birthday episode out of the way. Most people don’t hate their birthdays, so it was quite interesting to watch this. Then of course, most people don’t nearly get killed by a flying troll after getting a blender as a present. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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