Trollhunters Ep10 Young Atlas


I do not like kissing. It grosses me out so I generally avoid the topic. However, I did enjoy watching Jim’s attempt to explain the concept to Draal. The big guy just doesn’t get it, although I don’t see how that’s possible. You can’t argue with the logic behind kissing. Nothing says ‘I love you,’ like the exchange of the watery and somewhat frothy substance that’s produced in the mouths of particular animals. Not to mention all the bacteria. So much bacteria…


Claire’s fake baby brother is one of those characters that will make some people go ‘Aww,’ and others go ‘Eww!’ I’m always fascinated by things that are cute and freaky at the same time. Personally, I think he’s more on the adorable end of the spectrum. How can you not love a rude, sock eating, shapeshifting troll creature? Just look at him, wrapped up in his blankie, drinking from his baby bottle.


It’s always good when this happens. Your real teacher isn’t in, so instead you get a casual who lets you watch movies and chill. Well, actually it’s not always good, because sometimes you’ll get those teachers who make you write random essays, or some old man who doesn’t speak the language and spends the whole lesson squinting at the instructions that were left for them. Another possibility is the occasional mystery bag, where it’s a complete stranger who’s never set foot in your school before and just grunts at you when you ask them a question.


Umm, I really don’t like the sound of this ‘chicken surprise.’ The word ‘chicken’ is enough to put me off because I’m a vegetarian, but that isn’t what these two cartoon boys need to worry about. They should be concerned about the surprise. Seriously, the fact that surprise is in the name, is usually an indication that it doesn’t belong in your mouth.


Yikes! Bular’s daddy is big! I don’t mean that as an insult or course, I’m sure he has a very healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet of terror, and plenty of exercise destroying things. He’s just. Big. Also, I think we should be panicking because they’ve finished the bridge, but you’ve probably already figured that out. I can tell from the way you’re running around screaming. Seriously, you can stop now.


I think that all human males should make sure they remember that this sort of behaviour will get you in serious trouble. In this case, Claire does some crazy karate move on Jim because he was being a jerk to her. In the real world, girls will generally go easy on you and slap you in the face, but you should still be careful.


Ooooh! Jim knows that his favourite, fountain-pen-obsessed teacher is actually a changeling! Aww, look at that poor lost expression on his little face. He looks like a puppy that’s just found out it’s adopted, and that the humans aren’t actually it’s real family.


Obviously, these two were starved of their road safety education in kindergarten. Those people driving cars don’t care if you’ve just climbed out of the sewers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just escaped from a scary, evil troll. Don’t lie on the road!


Well, now we know just how obnoxious Jim can get. You see, anything’s possible when you put your mind to it. Or when you have a magic troll amulet, the name of which will severely traumatise the auto correct feature. Some parts of this episode made me laugh, some made me want to strangle the protagonist, and I was really chicken surprised by others. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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