Miraculous Ladybug Ep2 Stormy Weather



Ah, the joys of babysitting. I was feeling so frustrated while watching this scene, Manon has got a serious case of Only Child Syndrome. Even my little sisters weren’t THAT bad.


It’s okay to be upset about not winning the competition, but you don’t need to chuck a wobbly and get yourself akumatized. It’s actually kinda cool how the Akuma managed to squeeze through the lift doors, and funny how she tried to fight it off with her umbrella. Brolly + Black Butterfly = Evil Weather Girl. Yay maths!


In my opinion, Stormy Weather has one of the coolest powers. (As opposed to controlling pigeons) She’s like Elsa’s evil twin. And that hair looks awesome.


I love the photographer’s spaghetti speech. He’s like obsessed with it. And all those ridiculous poses he does while taking pictures. I laughed so hard when he was talking about eating spaghetti off the floor.


I wonder if Plagg actually enjoys being a kwami, because he obviously cares more about sleeping and eating cheese than saving the world. And when did he even discover Camembert? We know that Ladybug was around in ancient Egypt and assume Cat Noir was too, but there wasn’t any Camembert back then. What has Plagg been eating for the last 5000 years?


I think Cat Noir should exercise caution when using his cat puns. They result in attacks from villains, and eye rolls from Ladybug. I loved the pinball sound effects though.


I’ve noticed that Ladybug and Cat Noir get their butts kicked quite a lot in this episode. This isn’t helped by the fact that Cat Noir has a rather annoying habit of not moving when objects are flying towards him. Until of course that cool part at the end where he does quite a bit of moving.



It’s a pity that this is the only episode where Cat Noir uses his night vision, and Ladybug doesn’t realise that they’re still holding hands. The special effects in this episode are really killer! The lightning, and the way her umbrella lights up, when she uses her powers, and the slow motion shots are always a nice addition to the fight.


This episode blew me away! I love the effects and the story. Anyone else notice that when Alya and Manon are sitting in the merry go round, they’re in a ladybug seat? I thought that the ending of this episode was hilarious. The photographer’s poses are even funnier than the first time. And is that a black butterfly logo on Adrien’s shoe? Shoes that were probably made by Gabriel Agreste, because if your dad’s a fashion designer, you’ll probably be wearing his clothes. How interesting…

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