True and the Rainbow Kingdom

trk 5

Soooo, I may or may not have binged on a really sugary cartoon, and I may or may not be feeling slightly sick right now. You know what that’s like, right. No, or course you don’t. You eat physical matter, which is really gross by the way. Anyways, my baby sister was eating this cartoon and usually I wouldn’t care, but instead I was all like, why not? And now I feel slightly sick.

trk 8

It’s not that this show is bad, it’s not. It’s just not extremely good if you happen to be over the age of five. Not that I’m judging anyone over that age who really likes this show. Trust me, I’m completely obsessed with plenty of shows that I’m way too old for, and I know how annoying it is when people point it out.

trk 2

The show is about a girl with blue hair named True, who uses wishes to solve problems in the Rainbow Kingdom with the help of her talking cat friend, the name of which, I have quite a lot of trouble with. Seriously, I have never heard that name before and I still don’t quite know how to say or spell it, so I’ll avoid doing both, so I don’t look too stupid.

trk 4

The cartoon’s characters are ridiculously adorable; I’m surprised their designs are even legal. Seriously it doesn’t matter what they’re saying or how they’re feeling, they’re just so darn cute, like a box of week-old kittens. The only character that I really find annoying is the stuck-up princess with her cross-eyed puppy.

trk 7

The animation isn’t extremely complicated, but honestly, who cares because the COLOURS ARE SO BRIGHT. The whole world is pretty and colourful and even the inanimate objects have faces on them. The style used is currently very popular. Everyone has small bodies and large heads (which I’ll pretend is because they’re really smart) and HUGE eyes which I can’t stop staring at.

trk 3

The story in each episode is extremely positive. Nobody really does anything bad, and everything always ends happily, which is what you would expect from a show for little kids. There are no villains, no dangerous situations, no predators, no global warming and a lot of hugging. They even throw in big words, which is an added bonus.

trk 6

So, in summary, True and the Rainbow Kingdom is twenty minutes of bright colours and catchy music that will render your child conveniently catatonic. If you also happen to be worried about things like education and setting a good example, this show features complicated words and reeks with good vibes. I think I’ve said all that I need to. Stay awesome and keep watching cartoons, Toonbiter out!

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