Oh, hey human! My name’s Trixie, I’m Toonbiter’s friend. He invited me over to his site, but I think I’ve gotten myself lost. Umm… do you know where the homepage is? He said he’d meet me there, but I think he forgot that outside my own website, I am absolutely terrible at navigating the internet. I’m also a mascot by the way, but my place is WAY different than this. Here it’s all white and tidy and mine’s like, this weird messy thing with trivia and stuff lying all over the place. Come on, don’t look at me like that. I just don’t have any time to clean up, my pet Lurk is REALLY high maintenance. Anyways, sorry I’m still talking. I talk a lot, it’s like all I do. All day.

Sooo I think I might be wasting your time here, you were probably looking for more of Toonbiter’s stuff. I’m afraid I have no idea where that is. I imagine his site is probably way easier to navigate than mine, but I’ve never really been here before, so I think I’ll just wait here and hopefully he’ll find me.

Umm, you seem pretty nice. If you feel like hanging out later, I’d love it if you come and visit me. Or don’t, like I understand if you don’t want to.

This is the address:

One more thing, I should probably tell you, my site can be really weird sometimes. It kinda rewards you for your curiousity, so like, don’t be afraid to click on things. There’s a lot of hidden stuff, but that’s mainly because I haven’t cleaned up.

Sorry I keep yapping, umm… it was really nice to meet you. Byee!